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After spending years in a pool store analysing thousands of water samples, solving countless problems, and after owning a pool ourselves, we finally asked the question we knew thousands of pool owners have asked themselves over the years:

Is there a better/easier way to look after my pool water?

Most people don’t mind getting outside every couple of weeks and giving their pool a clean, and the majority of pool owners accept there is a cost to running a pool. Without exception, we found pool owners preferred to spend their money on preventing their pool from going green, staying a step ahead, rather than playing catch up to a green pool every season (which can cause large one off costs and countless hours slaving poolside), they just didn’t know how to achieve this.

We sat down and worked out a way of making this ‘dream’ a reality.

From there we pulled together the technical minds of pool owners, pool builders, servicemen, valet managers and chemical importers and brainstormed the idea which has now become Pool Panthers – ‘Pools Made Easy’.

For the last 6 years Aucklanders who are desperate to be a part of this cutting edge service have rushed us off our feet, and to think it all started by simply listening to what pool owners wanted.

Our customers range from huge indoor lap pools in Gulf Harbour, to small vinyl pools in Manurewa, from the coastal properties in Kawakawa Bay to the rural ranges of Kaukapakapa. Our service has definitely struck a chord with New Zealand pool owners, from those who have looked after their own pool for 30 years, to those who now own their very first pool.

Pool Panthers is quickly becoming the fastest growing pool service in New Zealand — simply because our customers tell their friends, and then they tell their friends.