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If you are considering getting a swimming pool, there are some choices you need to make.

One of which is the type of pool you get - do you go above ground or have one put in the ground?   Which one you choose depends on what you want to use the pool for and, of course, your budget.

In-ground pools

inground pool

A well designed, permanently installed in-ground pool can be an attractive feature and add value to your home.  They tend to be bigger and can be constructed to fit the look you have in mind for your pool area.

Most in-ground pools are made of concrete, vinyl or fibreglass, with concrete allowing the most flexibility in terms of design and decorative features such as coloured and patterned tiles.  You can also go really up-market and have a hidden pool - where the pool is covered and only revealed when in use.

If you are dreaming of large gatherings, pool parties or your want to practise your diving or do athletic laps an in-ground pool is more likely to suit.

Being bigger and more work to install, they are more expensive.  You also will need to think about costs above the installation such as decking/tiling and landscaping around the pool. 

They also come with a bit more maintenance as pipes and drains tend to be underground.  And if you do need repairs, this can get expensive. 

In-ground pools are said to last longer but this depends on what it is constructed of. Concrete pools last a long time and fibreglass should last more than 20 years. Vinyl pools will need their liner replaced sooner than this.

If you change your mind or want the pool taken out - you're not looking at a simple removal job.

You'll need a professional to install a pool in the ground.  Of course you want to make sure whoever installs it  is experienced and has a good reputation, so shop around.

In-ground pools range from $25,000 to $80,000 and up - the range due to individual design requirements and what it is made from.  Concrete tends to be more expensive.

Above-ground pools

Much less expensive than in ground pools, above ground pools are a good choice if you are looking for a inexpensive, fun option to keep cool in the summer.  If you incorporate the pool into a decked area it can get a bit more expensive.

You can buy an above ground pool for as little as $1000.

Above ground pools tend to be smaller so if you are thinking of getting some water exercise in, this type of pool is likely going to be too small.  Generally, you are also limited to a single, uniform depth.

Of course, less expensive also means 'cheap'  and with cheaper products comes problems with quality in the form of parts that break or rust.   But they are simpler to maintain, and easier to dismantle and remove

So what pool you decide to go with really depends on what you want to use if for and how much you want to invest.

Once you have your pool installed, you can take the hassle out of pool water maintenance by talking to us about our pool services.