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The big ‘scare’ factor for pool owners and it is not always related to a lack of chlorine. Here are some simple tips for keeping the green monster at bay:


Algae find it easy to bloom in stagnant water, especially under sunlight. During the summer months, a pool must run for at least 10-12 hours during the daylight hours. During the winter months, the running time of your filter can be cut back to 4 hours a day.

If your filter is not operating for these periods this could be the cause of algae build up. A simple remedy is to install a plug-in timer. Please contact us to install one for you on our next visit.


It is important that there is water movement through the entire pool. Algae find it easy to grow in stagnant areas of the pool (eg a step area where water movement is minimal).

If your return jets are directional, try pointing them to a different part of the pool. Other solutions to the problem of low circulation could be to empty your skimmer basket and/or the hair and lint pot in the pool pump. A struggling pump or a cracked skimmer basket or hair and lint pot can have serious implications for your pool and equipment.

Please contact us for pump servicing, replacement baskets, or for further solutions to poor circulation.


The big round thing in your filter shed is a sand filter. This is full of sand, which catches all the dead algae, dirt, greases etc and is the main thing that keeps your pool clear. After a week of filtering, the sand in the filter gets very dirty, and its ability to catch algae is seriously hindered. Backwashing your filter will clean the sand and enable maximum filtration to happen again.

A key way to tell if your filter needs backwashing is by looking at the pressure gauge. It will rise as the sand becomes more full of dirt etc. It is important to note that sand has an average life expectancy of 5-7 years.

Please contact us if you suspect that your filter sand has reached the end of its useful life, we can also supply replacement pressure gauges.


Every pool owner should own a pool brush and brush the walls of their pool regularly. This will disperse the algae into the water allowing the filter to capture the algae as the water passes through the sand.

The best time to brush your pool is right before a Shock dose.