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Pool Cleaner

There are so many options today in the world of automatic pool cleaners, and there are just as many questions about which one is right for my pool.

We have been selling automatic cleaners for longer than we can remember, and can give you accurate advice on which would be the best solution for your pool.

There are 2 main categories for cleaners;

  • Suction Cleaners – These are the ones that connect in to your pool skimmer or vacuum line and run off your pool pump suction. They move around the pool by either ‘vibrating’ or by driving wheels. They do a random pattern and only run when your pool pump is on. Some well-known brands are Baracuda, Zodiac, Manta, Maxi Sweep, Avenger, The Pool Cleaner
  • Robotic Cleaners – These are the ones that do not connect to your pool system, they simply have one connection and that is to a power outlet. They are driven by an electric motor inside and have their own filter catchments inside. The benefits of a robotic cleaner far outweigh the benefits of a suction cleaner. They use less power, cover the surface of the pool by using an algorithm so you get complete coverage over a calculated period of time (usually 3 hours). They do not require your pool to be running, no replacement hoses and the list goes on. We actively promote and recommend the Maytronics range of Dolphin cleaners as they are a great reliable and cost effective cleaner.

If you are interested in the robotic cleaners, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can visit your pool and give you a demo so that you can see one on action in your specific environment.