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Pool Pumps

If it is time to upgrade or repair your pool or spa equipment, then look no further.

We pride ourselves on working out the best options for each and every pool type and setting. We can visit and assess your existing equipment, or any specific issues that you may be having and then give you our no obligation recommendation.

Whether it is;

  • Sand or cartridge filters
  • pumps
  • spa pool repairs or upgrades
  • solar, gas or electric heating
  • chemical dosing equipment
  • ozone systems
  • pool and spa covers
  • salt chlorination
  • valve servicing
  • mineral dosing
  • Filter sand change
  • relocation of equipment
  • pool lights
  • chlorine-free equipment
  • new pipework
  • automatic cleaner solutions
  • or even just a pool brush...we have it all.

32 years in the swimming pool industry has meant we are now on the cutting edge of new technology and we've developed great relationships with all the key suppliers in New Zealand.