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green pool cleaning

No matter how bad you think your pool looks we have seen them all, from a shock dose of chlorine to a sewer sucker truck.  We have been sorting out green pools for over 30 years.

If it has just recently gone green it can be a relatively simple clean-up process, or if the pool has been off and untreated for months or years it may be a lot more involved.

If you have a green pool, we can visit the pool and give you a quote to get it back to a clean, clear and healthy pool that is ready to be used.

A few helpful pointers for getting the pool sorted;

  • The pool needs to be full of water as high as possible as there will almost definitely need to be some vacuuming to waste
  • Any scooping out of debris that you can do from the floor of the pool will speed up the process
  • Your equipment (pump and filter) will need to be in working order
  • It’s important to establish why the pool went green. Was it due to neglect or is there some part of the equipment that is not working right. We can assist with any diagnosing.