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Pool Pump Repairs

So.... the pump sounds a little "funny," it's stopped or it just doesn't vacuum like it used to?

It might just need a service, or it may need a graveyard! Leave it to us, we'll get it sorted, we have tech heads just waiting to assess it and give you the advice you need, and hey, if the pump has done its dash we will steer you in the right direction for a cost-effective replacement.

Noisy? – Usually the bearings, wear and tear and age causes the bearings in the pump to become gritty or dry. The bearings will need to be replaced with new.

Makes a humming noise but won’t pump? – This is usually either the impellor jammed with debris inside the pump, or maybe the capacitor which is part of the electrics of the motor

Leaking? – If there is moisture on the ground under the pump this usually indicates that the mechanical seal is letting water through as it has worn. If left for too long this can corrode the motor and the body of the pump which will result in the pump needing to be replaced. Another indication of leaking is white ‘calcification’ on the outside of the motor where it joins the front section of the pump.

Not as powerful as it used to be? – This can be caused by a few things like a damaged or blocked impellor. The pump will need to be opened as assessed

Pump is dead, no action? – Could be your electrical supply, try plugging something else into the same plug as the pump is in and see if that works, if it doesn’t then you probably need an electrician, if it does then the pump motor has probably shorted out.

If you have any concerns at all about your pump please give us a call and we will help you out.