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Pool Valet Service

For all your pool cleaning, pool chemicals and swimming pool maintenance in Auckland we have a team of valet technicians who are ready to take care of your needs.

Whether you have a salt water pool, a mineral pool, an auto dosing pool or are on a standard chlorine system, we can help...

Our pool cleaning service is a great way of looking after the health, clarity and condition of your pool leaving you the time to simply enjoy it.

Our friendly Valet Serviceman will visit your pool regularly to carry out the following steps...

  • Vacuum, Brush and scoop any debris in the pool.
  • Backwash and the rinse the filter(s).
  • Clear the skimmer basket and hair and lint baskets.
  • Perform a comprehensive water test on the pool water.
  • Supply and add any necessary balance chemicals.
  • Supply and add any necessary sanitising and oxidising.
  • Do a general check over your machinery to ensure it is running correctly.

We can also do one off clean-ups if you have a green pool, or if you have a special event happening.

Contact us now for a free no obligation quote and let’s get that pool of yours humming!!!