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The Government is revising the 1987 Swimming Pools Act to make it more effective in saving children from drowning and more practical for pool owners and councils.

Housing Minister Nick Smith talks to some of the concerns and claims around the changes.

Pool owners love an automatic pool cleaner that does the work for them. Historically in New Zealand the most common type of auto cleaner has been a suction cleaner, or one that plugs in the skimmer of the pool and runs when your pool pump is on. Although they can do a great job they do have several limitations like, getting stuck in certain areas, missing sections of the pool, removing the skimming action of the pool, lots of wear and tear on hoses and parts with costly replacements.

Mermaid tails and fins have been banned from Auckland Council leisure centres and pools because of safety concerns.

Mermaid tails mimic the body of the mythical creature, giving the illusion of a mermaid swimming in the water. The user slips into the fin as if putting on pants and their legs are bound together within the tail device.

Now that we are at the end of winter (although it doesn't feel like it!) there's no time like the present to take advantage of all the extra water in your pool by vacuuming to waste.

Not only does it get rid of the excess water but it removes any fine dust/algae out of the pool and down the drain.