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Our seasons and weather systems are rapidly changing and with that we seem to be getting more frequent flooding happening after big downpours of rain.

Unfortunately some pools have been installed in flood prone situations.

Hopefully your pool has been landscaped so that the ground falls away from the edge of the pool to minimise this from happening, however if your pool is next to raised land, or has the surrounding area is sloping towards the pool you may find yourself in the situation of a nice clean blue pool turning very brown after torrential rain.

In our experience it is almost impossible for a pool to correct itself with just filtering after a flood and will need extra attention. In standard flood situations, we would recommend turning the pump off (to minimise any damage to your filter media) until you can add a flocculent to the pool.
Once the pool has floc'd you can then vacuum the sediment and debris with the filter on the 'waste' setting.

If it is a more serious flood (for example a nearby river or body of water has overflowed into the pool) then you may need to use a company that can bring in a truck and suck the dirt and debris out of the pool into a tanker for removal.

It may also be worthwhile having a conversation with your insurance company about a remedy.

We have done many flood clean ups in the past so don't hesitate to give us a call if you need any assistance.