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Pool safety is an issue that should always be at the front of our minds. Obviously supervision is the best form of pool safety, but for those times when you are not in the pool area there are 3 main items that can help.

Fencing –Follow your local council rules around fencing requirements and then also make your own checks to ensure children can’t gain access to the pool area. If any latches are broken, fix them immediately and make sure that any gates are self-closing. Also never hold gates open with rocks or objects as this leaves an open invitation for children to wander into the area.

Pool Covers – if you are particularly worried about your pool security, some pool covers are designed to withstand pets and children to be able to walk on or fall onto with going underwater. Have a chat with your pool cover specialist to see what they recommend.

Alarms – There are a large range of pool alarms on the market. Some are area alarms that sound as soon as some enters the pool area, while others are water alarms that sounds when water movement is detected. This can be a good solution to alert you while you are within hearing range, however you will need to act immediately and be able to get to the pool quickly should the alarm go.