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Mineral is the buzz word in the pool industry at the moment. As people are looking more for alternative solutions to chemicals in the world today pool suppliers are starting to promote more emotional words like ‘mineral’ and ‘natural’.

We are all for natural products that are better for the body, however would advise to be a little bit wary of the sales pitch around these products and equipment.

Make sure you don’t get sucked in by effortless photos and videos of beautiful people bathing in the fountains of youth and instead ask the hard questions about what this product actually contains and what it does.

We have had a lot of success with the Australian designed ‘Ozoneswim’ unit.

This combines a salt chlorinator with an ozone unit. This combination has a result of allowing you to run significantly lower chlorine levels in the pool (approx. 1ppm) while the ozone production seems to keep a consistent lid on the pH level. A good compromise of natural chlorine production with salt and oxidising with oxygen.

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