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2016/17 has seen a few new concepts in pool design starting to take hold....

Knife Edge Pools are now becoming 360 degree with all 4 sides of the pool featuring a knife edge. These pools look stunning, try typing Knife Edge Pools in google images and your breath will be taken away!

The tanning ledge, or a shallow area where you can place a seat or lie in water to sunbathe are becoming more elaborate featuring umbrella stands and couch areas.

Technology, its everywhere now so why not in the pool industry too. Wi-Fi and phone control is creeping its way in allowing new pool owners to control items like heating and lights at the touch of a phone app.

Natural Pools. We’re not sure how this will progress in the New Zealand climate, but worldwide there seems to be a growing trend for a natural pool. These use a combination of plants and grasses along with sand to filter the water in some cases eliminating the need for chlorine all together.