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Mermaid tails and fins have been banned from Auckland Council leisure centres and pools because of safety concerns.

Mermaid tails mimic the body of the mythical creature, giving the illusion of a mermaid swimming in the water. The user slips into the fin as if putting on pants and their legs are bound together within the tail device.

The concerns centre around these products hindering children’s ability to move their legs while swimming. 

They reportedly promote prolonged under-water swimming which can lead to shallow water black-outs.

Not everyone supports the ban, saying following safety precautions and swimming with an adult should be enough.  A spokeswoman for Mermaiding NZ said the ban was not a surprise, but somewhat sad because it was unfair for capable and strong swimmers who used the mermaid tails correctly.

However there have been similar bans overseas; specifically in the United Kingdom and more recently in Australia where safety concerns had also been the big issue.

Public pools are unable to provide the one-to-one supervision recommended by the manufacturers.

Source: NZHerald