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Now that we are at the end of winter (although it doesn't feel like it!) there's no time like the present to take advantage of all the extra water in your pool by vacuuming to waste.

Not only does it get rid of the excess water but it removes any fine dust/algae out of the pool and down the drain.

Any fine dust/silt on the floor of the pool is always best to be vacuumed on waste as quite often it is finer than your filter can grab and will return back to the pool when vacuuming on 'Filter'.

Set up your vacuum equipment exactly as you normally would, but change the handle on the top of your filter to 'Waste' instead of the 'Filter' setting.

Remember to always switch the pump off when you are moving the filter handle, and also make sure you return the handle to the 'Filter' position when you are finished.