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We get asked lots of questions about Pools and the water in them. We've put some of the most common ones here, but if you have one that isn't here, just ask us and we'll try and answer it for you.

This is actually a myth, however we suggest you keep this legend alive so your kids can continue to pass it down through the generations – not to mention it’ll help keep your pool clean!

Many people think it’s OK to neglect a pool through the winter months. However, if you don’t continue to balance your pool, the water may become extremely acidic or alkaline. This can have lasting consequences on your pool’s surface (such as bleaching or black spot algae) and on your pool machinery (such as perished rubber and plastic fittings). Although the water in your pool may appear clear through winter, it can harbour large amounts of algae likely to cause equally costly problems once warmer weather arrives.

This can all be avoided by maintaining your water health throughout winter. Our prices reflect the fact that less chlorine will need to be used during winter.

While balance chemicals (pH, alkalinity, calcium) are all pretty much the same, you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to the sanitisers and more specialty products. The cheap stuff can come full of all sorts of fillers and a low concentration of chemicals.

In a spa pool the filter cleanliness is vital as it is a smaller body of heated water. Make sure that the filters are cleaned regularly and in line with how much use the spa is getting.

Backwashing the filter correctly is very important to the successful running of your pool. It can ensure maximum circulation and filtration is maintained keeping your pool sparkling clear.

This can depend of how green the pool is and how long the pool has been green for, but basically you need to get the pool circulating and filtering well, then bring the water into a correct balance, then killing the algae growth with algaecides and chlorine. The next steps will be determined by how bad the pool is. Check out the green pool clean up service that we provide here: Green-pool-clean-up

Shocking your pool water means adding large quantities of chemicals (maybe 5-10 times the normal dose) which temporarily raise the chlorine level for a short time.

You do this to break down any organic waste, get rid of bacteria and contamination, and boosts the chlorine. It is also known as super-chlorinating.

Yes we do, we have a wide variety of pool systems under our care. We welcome the opportunity to discuss a plan for your specific set up.

These doors are called weir doors and are quite often missing from skimmers. They play an important role in creating a slight waterfall effect, which draws the surface water into the skimmer at a faster rate. This means you skim more leaves and it helps increase pool circulation. The weir doors also stop the debris in your skimmer basket from floating back into the pool when your pump switches off. We definitely recommend you make sure you have one in your skimmer.

There is no wait time for any of the chemical additions, except for the Panther Shock treatment, which requires a couple of hours wait before you can resume swimming.

If the water in your pool is kept balanced over winter you will avoid the following situations:

  • Damage to pool equipment (pipes, fittings, filter, excess moisture in pumps etc) that may cause pump failure
  • Damage to the pool’s surface (poor balance can cause etching and staining)
  • Costly chemical remediation at the beginning of the summer
  • Harbouring algae which can bloom as soon as temperatures rise causing a sudden green pool