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We get asked lots of questions about Pools and the water in them. We've put some of the most common ones here, but if you have one that isn't here, just ask us and we'll try and answer it for you.

In its most simplest terms maintaining your pool can be broken down into 3 main categories;

To a certain extent yes. There are some great in floor cleaning systems meaning that you don’t have to vacuum your pool, however you will still need to brush the walls and clean the baskets and filters out.

Yes we can. We have a full range of parts and hardware that we can supply with a customer loyalty discount applied. We also have a team of experienced service technicians who can sort out any technical issues that you may experience.

Pool Panthers was born out of listening to thousands of customers. We found most people didn’t mind vacuuming and backwashing their pool, they just didn’t have the time or patience to drive to a pool store to then get completely confused by a concoction of chemicals and processes. So the simple answer is no, our main service is not a traditional valet service — it’s designed primarily for people who are happy vacuuming their pool but want to take the hassle out of maintaining its water health and clarity.

We are happy to provide our customers with a full valet service however, so please just ask us for a full valet quote if that’s what suits you best.

All pool chemicals are designed to keep water in good condition for human swimming.

Pool chemicals are not harmful to dogs, however we strongly recommend that you do not let your dog swim in your pool.

Algae is best removed by first making sure that your filter is freshly backwashed, then by disturbing it with a brush getting it into the water if it is growing on the surface.

This can depend on what you are trying to achieve in your pool or spa. There are balance chemicals which are common to all pools and spas, and sanitisers which is usually chlorine.

When storing your pool chemicals, ensure they are kept in their correct labelled containers in a dry environment. Make sure that bags are sealed and lids are on tight. Keep out of reach of children or pets. The safety and storage instructions should be on each label so keep these labels in good readable condition in case of emergency.

For small amounts you can dilute in water and pour down the waste water drain. If you are trying to get rid of a larger amount then talk to your local council or your local pool store to see if they can take them for you.

When it comes to the balancing chemicals (left side of our instruction sheet), they should be added as soon as possible following our technician’s visit. Once you’ve read the handling and safety guidelines, you should start with the first chemical listed and then move through the list as per the instructions.

When it comes to the maintenance chemicals (listed on the left side of the instruction sheet), we recommend you set one day aside each week and make that your ‘Pool Day’ – the day where you carry out the maintenance cleaning and chemical additions. The Panther Shock, Panther Prevents and Panther Tabs can all be added to the pool at the same time.

No. We have designed the service to cause minimal disruption to your life as possible. As long as we have access to your pool and crate of chemicals, we don’t need to see you. If there is anything amiss with your pool when we visit (or we see anything else we think you might need to know), we will contact you by phone.